Who We Are

SciTech International, LLC began in 2004 specializing in creating proprietary flavor enhancement technologies.

After 10 years, with 5 partners who together have over 150 years of flavor and food industry experience,
SciTech is proud to announce a new era of creativity that allows us to fully exploit development opportunities with the world's leading food and beverage companies. By combining our skills in science and creativity SciTech was established to inspire new thinking and accelerate development of novel flavors.

Now doing business as SciTech Ingredients, we have a comprehensive suite of intellectual property that can offer a unique combination of knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our customers. Together with our clients, we offer independent and objective advice to create innovative solutions that will delight consumers everywhere.

So join us in a new era of food and beverage product development!

What We Do

By using cutting-edge technologies to understand the human senses of smell and taste perception, we're able to heighten your products' overall taste experiences. Working with partners and product developers in our client companies, we inspire new thinking and innovative pathways in taste and aroma modulation.

Our Booster Flavors and Modulators enable manufacturers to meet consumer and industry
demands for improved taste perception, and all around healthier products.

SciTech Ingredients' enhancers are proprietary flavors developed to provide the perception of
sweetness while at the same time enhancing mouth feel in reduced sugar products


  • Sugar reduction for a variety of applications (up to 50%)
  • Taste solutions for use with natural high potency sweeteners
  • Label claims with reduced carbohydrate content
  • Taste improvement of natural and artifical non-caloric sweeteners


  • Liquid and Dry Forms
  • Water Soluble
  • Organic Compliant
  • Kosher
  • FEMA/GRAS- Labeled in the US as Natural Flavor
  • Compliant in the EU
    (EU Natural Flavors)

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